Immeasurable Cares is a charitable faith based non-profit organization and ministry of local volunteers who work hand - in - hand with churches, faith based groups and organizations, charitable organizations, social service agencies and individuals to respond to the homelessness crisis in the United States.
Born out of a personal brush with homelessness, Immeasurable Cares was inspired to offer relief towards the homeless issue by facilitating financial needs for shelters in addition to feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and doing for the poor and organized to fulfill the following purpose:


Immeasurable Cares Non-Profit Organization "We Care Homeless Tour" launched in 2014, consists of Immeasurable the Christian Recording Group traveling worldwide to bring financial awareness about homeless shelters across the country. In doing this our goal is to raise 300,000 dollars per year to support such cause.


  • Position Immeasurable Cares as the liaison between the faith based community and the homeless community.

  • Offer practical assistance  to the homeless, including individuals, families, veterans and senior citizens.

  • Focus public awareness on the growing homeless population issue in America through a series of action based initiatives and local volunteer efforts such as " The Semi- Annual We Care Homeless Tour," the Annual National Homeless Persons Memorial Day ( Dec. 21st)

  • Establish a sense of community and fellowship among " the haves" and "have nots."



Identify a "30- Day Cycle Needs List" for shelter organizations and secure a commitment for their fulfillment from a corresponding partner in their local faith based community
Provide education to the media, public sector, and responsible civic organizations.
Utilize collective efforts in order to make a difference in the daily lives of others.


Open year round office for Immeasurable Cares providing fundraising, publicity and marketing capabilities as well as tour administration.
Pursue strategic alliances with key national homeless advocacy organizations.


"Organize 2014"
1st Semi - Annual 12 - city
We Care Homeless Tour
Showcase ongoing project coordination between homeless organizations / agencies and faith- based communities across the United States. 



61,042 people are homeless in a single night.
215,344 people live on the streets or other places not meant for human habitation daily.
8 % of the homeless population in a single night is comprised of 46,924 unaccompanied youth.
Almost 92,000 people are living with a disability and staying in shelters or on the streets for long peroids of time.


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